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the most popular Bali-Nusa penida-Lembongan tour. It feel amazing experiences to see the Bali culture, heritage, wildlife, sand, beach and more, see our collection

Nusa Penida Day Tour

package one day tour nusa penida
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4 Point Snorkeling 

Atuh Beach Nusa Penida
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Day Tour + Snorkeling

Atuh Beach Nusa Penida
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nusa penida tour 2020

Nusa Penida Tour

Nusa Penida Tour is simply one of many amazing things Bali has to offer. Nusa penida is no 4 recomendation place to visit by as Popular Destinations — World

Nusa Penida Tour

Labuhan Bajo Trip

Labuan Bajo Trip is one of the best place for vacation in indonesia.
Some recommended destinations are including Padar Island, Kelo Island, Rinca Island, Gili Lawa Island, Kanawa Island, and many more. We will explain the detail of each of the destinations below

Labuhan Bajo Trip
Labuan bajo trip 2020

Our Guest Review

review nusa penida tour

Definitely go to nusa penida, don’t hesitate! If you want to dive do it at nusa penida! We dived with tempel dive! We saw manta’s, stingray, dolphins, bleu ring octopus, and explore whole island

Joyce Van der Auwera / Facebook
review mansago

Awesome pure virgin beauty. Only 30 mins away from Sanur by fast boat. A must visit for all able body, guaranteed won’t disappoint.
Take a look at my pics as prove.
Highly recommend to arrange for car and driver rental in other words plan ahead….the roads are hilly, narrow and direction can be confusing.

treenavel / Tripadvisor
review nusa penida day trip

When you in Bali.You should find a trip to Penida Island.Its such a lovely place for those travel to Bali and you not regret when you were there.Place like Angel Billabong and lot of beautiful place.If you have more time you should stay atleast 1 night there.The island is just 2 years open for tourist to explore and they a lot virgin place is intouchable and one of the pioneer to be there.Also you can swim with Manta Rays

zam78 / Kuala lumpur
travel group mansago to nusa penida

We are a small group of 6, all woman.. eager to visit Nusa Penida..Mansago manage to provide a tremendous trip to visit the beautiful spots in Nusa Penida. Prepare yourself for a little adventuring journey as the trip is quite challenging.. But the view is to die for.. A must visit..

Aisha / Semarang
review nusa penida tour

Very good service by Fadjar. Brought me and my family to all the good places. Very accommodating. All the pictures taken by Fadjar were very good. He would even climb trees to get a perfect picture. Definitely a must Best tour guide!

liliesrusman / Jakarta

One of Best spot on Nusa Penida you must visit. The beach is like a little finger (or kelingking in Indonesia Languange). Beware of you take selfies, thr fences are very small. There’s a staircase to walk down to the beach. Our guide told us it’ll take about 35-40 minutes each way. I wished we had more time but it was a daytrip and we wanted to see other places so we didnt Go ahead down to the beach.

Lawrensha / Jakarta