Rafting in Ubud, do you want to try it? Bali has many rivers that turn into tourist objects. Thanks to the beautiful scenery around that make those rivers become more marketable. But of course, going to the river is not enough if you are only looking at the scenery or splashing in it. It will be more interesting if you can do a kind of water sports like rafting.

Sure, not all rivers in Bali can be used for rafting. The river must have streams that are heavy enough to push the boat you are riding. This kind of river is known as the Whitewater River. So, what are the best whitewater rivers in Bali recommended for rafting? Many of them are located in Ubud anyway. So, here is the list.

Ayung River

Ayung River is indeed very famous for its rafting activity in Ubud. The main reason is the stream for sure. If you are rafting here, the total route to pass through is around 12 km. However, this river is more recommended for those experienced rafters. If you are still a beginner, it is much better to go rafting here while being accompanied by an instructor. 

Although it is very interesting, there are many risks of rafting in Ayung River Ubud particularly for those who have not experienced. Some of them are falling down from the boat and bumped by the rocks. Make sure also to use tools that have been provided in the area. Those tools are also functioned to minimize the risk.

Ayung River is located in the area of Ubud, Gianyar. It opens everyday starting from 08.30 to 16.00. you must pay at IDR 400,000 per person. The price includes the boat and other tools needed. So, if you are a rafter and having a chance to go to Bali, rafting in Ayung River Ubud should not be missed out.

Telaga Waja

After Ayung River, Bali also has Telaga Waja. Telaga Waja is another river in which the stream is really heavy and challenging. Therefore, this river is also only recommended for those who have been experienced and licensed. In case there are beginners who want to challenge themselves in Telaga Waja, they must be accompanied by the professionals.

The water in Telaga Waja is very clean and clear. Even in parts where the stream is quite calming, you can see the bottom of the river clearly. Moreover, the air is really refreshing alongside the route of rafting. A total of the river length for rafting is around 16 km anyway. Along the river, you can enjoy stunning landscapes starting from local people’s residences, farming areas, to the forest.

There are 3 waterfalls to see in the river. Of course, it just tests your adrenaline as well as makes your trip on the river more interesting. So, are you interested in visiting Telaga Waja? It is located in Muncan Village, Karangasem. It opens starting from 09.00 to 16.00 everyday. For the cost, it is IDR 450,000 per person.

Melangit River

Not different from Ayung or Telaga Waja River, the natural condition of Melangit River is also very incredible. It is surrounded by the typical scenery of the village alongside its field terraces and traditional residences. Of course, even the air is very refreshing to relax our body and mind. When you are in the water, it is very cold anyway.

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Compared to other rivers mentioned above, Melangit River is indeed quite short. A total route for rafting is only around 7.5 km. But sure, the river is still very challenging. There is a waterfall that can increase our adrenaline. There are some spots in the river that are really calming and quiet. There is only bird chirping that may make you want to stay there even longer.

Activities of local people can also be seen in our rafting journey. Of course, the heavy stream and cold water become another sensation of rafting in Melangit River. If you are interested in enjoying the river, it is located in Klungkung, Bali. The operational hours are starting from 08.30 to 15.30. Meanwhile, the cost is IDR 450,000 per person.

Pakerisan River

Have you heard a tourist location namely Tampaksiring Palace? Well, this palace becomes really famous as it was once a favorite resort of the Indonesian first president, Soekarno. Meanwhile, Pakerisan River is the main river in this area; it even passes through the palace anyway. Since the river is located in one of the most important places in Bali, it tends to be quiet and calming. Interestingly, you can still do some activities like rafting there by following the instructions given.

Shorter than Melangit River and other rivers for rafting in Ubud, Pakerisan River is only 4.5 km in terms of a length. While in some areas the stream is quite slow, in other spots, it is heavy enough. But in general, the river is still much safer than Ayung or Telaga Waja River. That’s why; this river is even recommended for beginners. Many people learn to play rafting here and you can be one of them.

To get there, you need to go to Tampaksiring, Gianyar first. Of course, you can enjoy the palace before or after rafting. Operational hours of Pakerisan River are starting from 09.00 to 16.00. The cost is also more affordable than others; it is only IDR 270,000 per person.

Petanu River

The next reference is Petanu River. This river is also very famous for its crystal-clear water. In some spots of the route, you may find some big rocks that are quite troublesome. So, you need to handle it well so that the rubber boat can flow well. That’s why; although this river may not be as extreme as Ayung or Telaga Waja, it is more recommended for professionals than beginners.

The cleanliness of the river is very important for people around. It is because local people are really aware of their environment. They also realize that Petanu River is a part of tourism in Bali. So, make sure you also support them by not throwing trash in the rivers or doing other bad habits that can damage the environment.

Sure, the scenery around is also really beautiful. There are some steep cliffs to see along with many trees that make the atmosphere feel more refreshed. The water is really cold and it becomes another challenge of rafting here. Anyway, Petanu River is located in Gianyar and it opens from 08.00 to 15.00. For the price, it is not exactly known but it is approximately around IDR 300,000 – 400,000.

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Penet River

Penet River is not primarily used for rafting anyway. It is indeed a part of ecotourism in Bali but for other necessities like only splashing or walking around. But for the high interest of people, whether local or foreign, to go rafting, this river is finally utilized for this activity. Fortunately, the water and stream conditions are quite appropriate for them. Well, although for the stream, it is probably not as heavy as other rivers mentioned above.

So, Penet River is an alternative for the beginners. Indeed, there are some waterfalls in some spots but they are not too extreme. Although still, it may challenge your adrenaline. Moreover, along the river, you can see some natural caves. It makes the scenery around is more beautiful and exotic.

Make sure to have fun in Penet River when you are visiting Bali. As information, the river is located in Klungkung Residence in Bali. The operational hours are starting from 08.30 to 16.00. The price is friendly enough; it is only IDR 225,000 per person. So, make sure to enjoy Penet River together with family and friends.

Unda River

Unda River is one of the newest rivers in Bali utilized for rafting activities. But although it is new, this river has been claimed as one of the best rivers for rafting in Bali. The river is located not too far from Telaga Waja. Therefore, if you want to go rafting in Telaga Waja and find it too crowded, you can escape to this one.

The stream of Unda River is quite heavy although it is not as heavy as Ayung and Telaga Waja Rivers. It is quite interesting for professionals to do the activity there. And for beginners, you should not worry. Yes, you can still try to go rafting here as long as you are accompanied by instructors. The river also doesn’t have too many rocks so that it less challenging compared with other rivers mentioned above.

Unda River is located in Klungkung Regency. It is open from 08.30 to 16.00 everyday. The cost is still relatively low. Yes, you can go along the river with a rubber boat only in IDR 170,000. Well, it is probably because this river is still not as famous and crowded as other rivers for rafting in Bali.


Holidays in Bali are not only about beaches and cultural spots. You can also play in rivers and do many activities including rafting. Some rivers are recommended for rafting anyway including Ayung, Telaga Waga, Pakerisan, and Unda Rivers. Make sure to follow instructions given so that you can end up safely after rafting in Ubud and other areas around.

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