Where is the Bali swing Ubud? Spending holidays in Bali seems monotonous if you are only playing in the beach area. This island definitely offers many other impressive places that should not be left behind. Well, you can mention them. There are also rice fields and palaces. Not to forget, some museums are great as well for educational vacations.

One of the recommendations is visiting places with swings. Of course, they are not just conventional swings for their sizes that are relatively big. More than that, they can also swing you wider and higher than what you have thought before. Well, if you just love challenges, here are some recommended swings in Ubud and some other areas to visit. Check them out.

  1. Bali Swing

Bali Swing can be said to be the most exclusive swing in Bali. It provides various packages and you can choose one of them that can be covered by your budgets. Even in this area, there are some spots as well. You should not worry since each spot offers beautiful scenery.

In general, if you want to enjoy the swing, you need to pay to start from IDR 150,000 to IDR 250,000 per person. Do you want to enjoy other facilities aside from playing a swing? Prepare more budgets more. Yes, you need to pay IDR 650,000 if wanting to enjoy pick-up facilities as well. It includes insurance. Meanwhile, swings in this tourist spot have been equipped with high safety standards. So, you can just enjoy it.

Based on many reviews, Bali Swing is indeed the best swing area in Bali. Even the prices to pay are worth it. Sure, aside from enjoying swinging from the height, you can also enjoy Bali in a different way. Where is the location of Bali Swing? It is on Dewi Saraswati Road no7, Ubud. It opens everyday starting from 08.00 am to 17.00 pm.

  1. Wanagiri Hidden Hill

If you have been in Wanagiri Hidden Hill before, you must agree that this tourist area is really recommended to take pictures. Despite the natural landscape that is indeed very beautiful, many unique spots are available here. Sure, it can just make your Instagram feed look more unique and aesthetic.

The beautiful landscape is not the only reason to visit Wanagiri Hidden Hill. It is getting more attractive for the presence of the swing. Similar to Bali Swing, you can enjoy many kinds of swing here. For example, there is a swing in a butterfly design. Of course, it makes your photo results more beautiful and stunning.

Wanagiri Hidden Hill is located in Sukasada, Buleleng. It is only around 54 km from Ubud. You can drive a car or use some kinds of public transportation to get there. So, if you have been in Bali swing Ubud and want to try other swings, this spot is really the best choice. Make sure also to visit Beratan Lake and Pura Ulun after enjoy swinging. Yes, those objects are located not too far from Wanagiri Hidden Hill.

  1. Sawah Tegalalang Swing

It has been mentioned above that Bali is more than just about beaches. Numerous natural landscapes are available there to enjoy and refresh your mind. One of them is the Balinese rice field. Well, this island has Sawah Tegalalang or Tegalalang Rice Field in Ubud, known as the most popular rice field in Bali. It looks like a wide green outlay with some unique stacks.

Since Sawah Tegalalang is also known as one of the best tourist destinations in Bali, local people attempt to make it look more unique and attractive. It is by providing some rides including the swing. Compared to swings in Bali Swing and Wanagiri Hidden Hill, the swing in Sawah Tegalalang is indeed less challenging. The size is quite small and it cannot swing as high as those in other places.

But of course, it doesn’t make the swing in this area less enjoyable. Moreover, it is surrounded by the beautiful green rice field that you will never forget. So, are you tired of swinging and walking around the rice field? You can take a rest for a moment while enjoying delicious food from cafes and stalls around the area. Make sure also to visit the coffee garden as well as learning about how to process into delicious beverages. 

  1. Resto D’Alas

Resto D’Alas is a restaurant that sells many kinds of Indonesian food like sate, soto, nasi uduk, chicken curry, grilled duck, and still many more. It is also located in Ubud in which the area is surrounded by beautiful scenery like the rice field. Well, the location is not too far from Sawah Tegalalang anyway. Therefore, the landscape of Tegalalang can also be seen and enjoyed from this place.

Before enjoying local foods offered, it is much better to try the swing available in this restaurant. The swing available is probably not as extreme as other swings in Bali Swing and Tegalalang Hidden Hill. But sure, it is still really fascinating. Moreover, the swing is installed in a very strategic spot in which the entire landscape around is seen while you are on it.

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Indeed, since it is a restaurant. You should not only come there to play on the swing. Make sure to buy some food as well and enjoy the Indonesian taste. Resto D’Alas is located in Banjar Pujung Kelod. It is only around 7 km from the city center of Ubud. In case you are joining a travel agency, it is very common for the agents to bring you here for lunch or breakfast.

  1. Bali Chocolate Factory Karangasem Swing

Bali Chocolate Factory Karangasem is not the only place to enjoy foods and drinks made from chocolate or cacao. You can also enjoy the scenery of Jasri Beach that is still very clean and refreshing. So, in case you are going there, it is not bad to go outside of the factory for a while and then play the beach water there.

But sure, it is not enough. There is a spot in the chocolate factory in which a swing is installed. From the swing, watching the beautiful beach can be more interesting. The swing itself is quite high and challenging. But you should not worry since your safety has been guaranteed here.

The best time to visit Bali Chocolate Karangasem Swing is around 17.00 pm. At that time, the sun is starting to go down and the twilight scenery there is really incredible. Interestingly, Jasri Beach itself is still relatively quiet and not too crowded. It feels like you are in your private beach anyway. After being satisfied with playing the swing, watching the orange twilight while drinking a cup of chocolate is definitely a great idea.

  1. Zen Hideaway

Zen Hideaway is a swing spot that is located in Dewi Saraswati, Badung Regency in Bali. There are still many other rides and facilities available here. But undeniably, the main attention stealer here is the swing. Different from other places in which you can swing above the rice field or beach, in Zen Hideaway, it is swinging above Ayung River, one of the most popular rivers in Bali for rafting. Well, it sounds fascinating, isn’t it?

Moreover, the river itself is surrounded by the forestry area. Your action on the Zen Hideaway’s swing will be more photogenic if it is captured well. The swing itself is designed very well so that it looks swinging and flying very high. But even though it is very challenging, your safety is guaranteed here.

To enjoy the swing, you need to pay around IDR 300,000 per person. With that amount, you can get many facilities you need including the insurance. Make sure to follow instructions given by the tour guide to bring you the best swinging experience in Bali.

  1. Blangsinga Waterfall Swing

Previously, Blangsinga was only a tourist spot that offers the natural landscape, it is the waterfall. But for so many tourists who come there, it turns into a stunning resort that also provides swimming pools, restaurants, bar, lounge, and selfie spots. Interestingly, it currently also makes available one more ride. It is a swing, known as Blangsinga Waterfall Swing.

Blangsinga Waterfall Swing is installed on trees above the waterfall. Slightly, it looks like you are swinging right above the waterfall and the river. The landscape around is very scenic for sure. That’s why; this swinging spot is always enlisted in the category of the most instagrammable area in Bali. Are you tired of swinging here and there? So, it is time for you to take a rest for a while and then visit the restaurant and bar near the place.

The swing is located in Saba Village, Gianyar Regency Ubud. It is the second most popular swing in Bali after Bali Swing Ubud. To get there, many kinds of transportation available anyway. By car, it is only around 30 minutes drive from the center of Ubud.

  1. LeKaja Bali Swing

Are you interested in swinging around while enjoying the atmosphere of a tropical jungle? Well, it is LeKaja Bali Swing the best answer. This swing area is indeed located in a protected forest with some natural animals like birds still living there. Of course, the area has been sterilized and chosen well. There is no worry about wild animals that suddenly attack you.

Despite swinging, there are some other rides to enjoy in LeKaja Bali Swing. They are including white water rafting and Flying Fox. Meanwhile, this area is also equipped with many unique photo spots. One of them is the popular giant bird nests in the middle of the jungle.

Although the location is really in the jungle, LeKaja Bali Swing is accessible enough. Moreover, it is located only around 8 km from the center of arts and crafts in Ubud. There are 3 types of swing available in this tourist destination. They are swings of 15 m, 12m, and 10m. Besides, the swinging time is unlimited.

  1. Aloha Ubud Swing

Not too far from Sawah Tegalalang in Ubud, there is one more swing area known as Aloha Ubud Swing. The location is even found first before Tegalalang when you are coming from Arjuna Statue. There are some types of swing available in this area. They are single swings with heights ranging from 10 m to 60 m.

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Similar to other swing areas mentioned above, Aloha Ubud Swing offers more than just fun of enjoying swinging here and there but also beautiful scenery. When you are on the height, you can take a look at green rice fields not far from the area. More than that, the forestry of Bali is also seen from the distance. Sure, it is just really relaxing and refreshing.

The extreme swing is not the only ride you can enjoy here. Some photo spots are also available in unique shapes and ideas. Do you want to learn more about agriculture in Bali? So, you should not miss this chance. Yes, the area is located near Subak Museum where you can learn many things about it. After swinging, make sure to go to a coffee plantation and enjoy a cup of coffee for free.

Tips to Play Extreme Swings in Bali

Since there are so many spots for extreme swings in Bali, it seems not complete without trying at least one of them. But undeniably, you may be worried and even afraid of playing it. It is mainly if this is your first experience. Your worry is actually something normal. Moreover, those swings are commonly located on the height with areas like rivers or even ravines underneath. So, to reduce your worry feeling as well as make sure that Bali swing Ubud is really safe, make sure to follow some tips below.

  1. Choose a Safe Swing

Aside from swing locations mentioned in the list above, there are actually still many other spots you can try in Bali. Even the other swings also offer beautiful and majestic sceneries you must want to see. Unfortunately, not all of them are safe and trusted enough. It is seen from the safety tools that are still below standards. Besides, there is also no insurance available. In case you are finding this kind of swing, it is much better to avoid playing them. Well, it is enough to walk around and enjoy the beautiful scenery available there.

  1. Get Reviews and Recommendations

In many cases, people just don’t know which the safe swing is. Well, when you have seen some slings around the swing to protect the player, you may think that it is safe enough. This way, your plan to play on the swing must be started even long before it. You can read testimonials and reviews regarding the best swing areas in Bali. Most of them are indeed in the area of Ubud. So, if you have a plan to go to Ubud, you can choose one of the swing locations.

  1. Find a Trusted Tour Agency

There are many tour agencies in Bali. Since the beginning, it is much better to find out a trusted and credible tour agency. This way, the tourist spots to visits are also good and trusted. Moreover, it is if you want to play an extreme ride like the swing. A trusted tour agency will let you go to recommended places like Bali Swing in which the quality has been guaranteed. Besides, a trusted tour agency must not cooperate with a not-reliable provider for swing and other types of ride.

  1. Make Sure that Safety Slings and Locks have been Placed Well

When you have been on the swing, some staff members may help you to lock and place slings on the swing. Well, you should pay attention to it. Watch them carefully to know whether all safety tools have been installed well. Yes, you are probably less experienced than those staff members in terms of locking slings and others. But it doesn’t mean you can carelessly ignore it. If you find something not right when placing and locking slings, you can ask them to make it right for you.

  1. Relax

Playing swings must be quite familiar to you. Well, it is although the swing is quite small and not extreme just like in some tourist spots in Bali. You can just imagine that the swing that you have ridden now is the same swing you rode in your childhood. It is not that big and really safe. You must try to relax and enjoy all the process. Besides, you must follow the direction of the swing. You should not try to move against the direction so that you can stay relaxed and safe.

  1. Enjoy It

Of course, the main reason of playing an extreme swing is not to feel worried or afraid. The swing is available there to have fun. Well, it is probably a little bit challenging but still, you need to have fun with it. After feeling relaxed and following the swing direction, you must be able to enjoy it. Moreover, the swing spots in Bali also offer you beautiful landscapes and sceneries to look around. You can play swing with your friends or partners together. So, are you interested in playing Bali Swing Ubud?

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