5 Bedroom villas in Ubud come in different features to consider. Well, it is important to really have the best possible option of a place to stay during a holiday. Having the perfect spot to stay along the time of the holiday will definitely boost the feeling during the stay. With a large group of people, surely there will be the need of a large space to stay such as villas with at least 5 bedrooms.

8 Available Options

In short there are at least 8 spots out of 62 to choose regarding 5 bedroom villas in Ubud. They can easily be found around the neighborhood of Ubud. The fact that Ubud offers lots of interesting spots and activities means that having just the right base for the holiday is a must. In general there are basic offers that can be found upon choosing villa as a place to stay during a holiday. The stay can be much more private with swimming pools and gardens as well. Furthermore the bedrooms are all in modern design with the highest possible level of comfort for everyone. Amidst the 8 available options of villa with 5 bedrooms in Ubud surely each one will come with different offers.

Price Ranges

The price ranges from as low as USD 358 to as high as USD 1,484. One of the villas is located in a quiet neighborhood which only takes 15 minutes to get to the heart of Ubud. It has traditional architecture of Balinese with a decent infinity pool to enjoy. Meanwhile another villa offers an amazing sunset view everyday. The view can be enjoyed from its authentic Javanese architecture building.

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Different Capacities

Among those 5 bedroom villas in Ubud the largest capacity is up to 16 people. Only one out of the 8 choices that could hold 16 people though with the closest one is for 15 people. Meanwhile the smallest capacity is for 10 people available in 3 villas.

A Quiet Escape

Most of the 5 bedroom villas in Ubud offer a chance to be able to have a kind of quiet stay and highly relaxed atmosphere. In fact 5 of 8 villas offering at least 5 bedrooms come with the chance to stay in the middle of luscious forests. Thus it is pretty reasonable to be able to have a quiet stay. Aside from the fact that some of them have such luxurious appeal in their design the idea is the same when it comes to have a stay at a villa. Surely the experience upon staying in a villa will be different from staying in a hotel.

Summing up, there are few choices to consider when it comes to villas with at least 5 bedrooms in Ubud, Bali. Each one of them offers their respective uniqueness that may not be found anywhere else. Different foods, architectural designs, neighborhood and living environment around the villas will greatly offer different level of experience upon the stay at your choice of 5 bedroom villas in Ubud.

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