Ubud is known as a famous tourist attraction that offers the combination of terraced rice fields and ravines making the location worth visiting, such place offers various dining places that has the advantages of the great view and we narrow it down to 7 best restaurants in Ubud that you need to check it out. Picking a restaurant is sure a breeze when you have limited options, but when you are in a tourist attraction places such as Ubud Bali that known to have dozens or even hundred that has different specialization such as Barbeque, Seafood, Fruits and of course Indonesian food. Not only on their specialty on menu, there is also no harm to know which has the best atmosphere that helps us enjoy our experiencing tasty dish to fullest. With that said here are some of our recommendations that we narrow down to 7 best restaurants in Ubud.

Spice by Chris Salans

Spice Bali is the kind of restaurant that specializes in the taste of spices, its founder Chris Salans adding French technique to make tasty meals and amazing cocktails. The restaurant has received multiple awards and acclaimed to be Bali’s culinary ambassador, everything in Spice by Chris Salans is never imported from other countries as an action to show its visitors the Indonesian local wisdom can compete in the world of culinary. With that said, having a limited view as this restaurant is just across the road that is full of activity in Ubud, what they lack in view they bring them inside with their culinary theater that always attracting attention while preparing its visitor order. Known as modern Indonesian kitchen and bar spice by Chris Salans has its forte on cocktail innovation, their spice based and imported spirits by their chef and mixologist that if you dine with a particular menu will create a great taste inside your mouth. 

Bebek Bengil

This Indonesian restaurant has come a long way since it was made in 1990 Bebek Bengil has proven itself as one of the most successful restaurants known by tourists and locals alike. The pride and joy of this restaurant itself are of course listed within the ducks in their menu, while the restaurant did not serve ducks, in the beginning, it was able to make ducks being the pride of the restaurant that famous in their best-selling menu “Nasi Campur Bebek” it was hard to process a duck because it has some peculiar odour that is hard to get rid of, with their technique and expertise in cooking they are able to perform the task to provide ducks and become one of the best restaurant that has been around for a very long time. This restaurant has the view of paddy fields and surrounded by a calming nature atmosphere, the design of the restaurant itself is never far from traditional wisdom and always humble like its name Bebek Bengil. 


Experts in Romantic dinner Terracotta invite customers local and tourists alike to spend their time having to relax and indulging themselves inside their restaurant that takes pride in their view over icefields of Ubud Bali. They offer the finest taste of food and beverages combined with fresh fruits that will make sure your experience with your loved one become the memory you will never forget. Located in Ubud the view of rice fields is always breathtaking, bud in Terracotta restaurant take their strongest point to the limit for their famous menu “Rice Table”. By combining the succession of tasty Indonesian food based on rice. This place is also proven to be the best place to purpose your lover or simply indulge yourself in romantic intimate dinner that will surely will have an everlasting effect on your relationship, if you are looking for fresh fruit and beverages that will surely freshen your taste bud enough and combined with their best dishes will make sure you and loved one come back for more romantic dinner. Terracotta provides the best combination of food and views the best as they get, not only Indonesian food terracotta also provide international food for those who want familiar taste prepared fully with freshest ingredients from local farmers and villages.   

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Balinese Home Cooking

Looking for a great way to expand your knowledge of the locals while enjoying their home cooking dishes? Balinese Home Cooking is your answer or in this case home, they invite customers to their “home”. To be exact, their home is a compound of inside a certain village in Ubud that Famous for its calming nature that rich with traditional value they called home, offering customers their home made dishes and tours, basically Balinese Home Cooking is the kind of restaurant with Balinese local cultural wisdom themed restaurant that has large lands for tourists to visit and enjoy their meals together with their family or their loved one, this place offers great home atmosphere just like home with the addition of local culture for you to enjoy and experience. They offer culinary experiences with a broad variety of tasty local spices and they also provide fresh organic fruit from the local farm and market and we guaranteed to be organic. Truly they give the most unique experience you can find in the culinary world.

Avocado warung Ubud

Avocado is one of the most nutritious fruits you can find nowadays providing monounsaturated fat, vitamin E, and more health benefits to following, with that said there are a lot of people place this fruit as their most favorite, from all that avocado warung Bali is built. This young restaurant based their menus all around avocados, unique to the brim they also provide avocado burger to an avocado smoothie, all the avocados dishes they provide comes from local organic avocado producers so we can rest easy that the avocado from avocado warung Ubud is safe and fresh to consume. While helping local farmers and community avocado warung Ubud is known for its humble service, friendly waitress and clean restaurant become the forte of this local family-owned business. It was doubted at first the locals and tourists alike for its menu concept consisting of avocado and modern healthy menu, but as soon as people start trying their dishes they always come back for more, there is a lot of avocado based menus and avocado based beverages to complete your journey to becoming an avocado fan base from this humble Avocado Warung Ubud.

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Unlike its name, Uname is considered to be a pretty luxurious restaurant that has the concept made for spoil your tongue with tastiest dishes they could make for you while keeping your body healthy, a very contradicting combination that this restaurant proud to serve. Name as in the restaurant name has its direct connection on their special menu “you name it” section, they provide various dishes, fruits, vegetable, and sometimes beans into the menu for customers to name the menu themselves. Pretty unique of a restaurant to let the customers name their menu. Without the fear for cholesterol in your dishes they also serve their customers really well, at least enough for a lot of positive review about the hospitality of the place, they also giving their customers souvenirs before they head out and the best part about the restaurant is the affordable menus they provide, really visible if you consider the view and elegance of the place, you can order, not only healthy and tasty the for lower price that also considered affordable for either locals and tourist to try and come back again to this humble and beautiful Uname restaurant.

Warung Pondok Madu

Everybody loves barbecue, and this particular local restaurant based their finest menu on grilling the best organic meat you can find in Bali. Started in 2016 Warung Pondok Madu is trying the perfect combination to make their favorite dishes at the time namely Pork Ribs to make it the proper great tender juicy tasty meat and great sauce to suit everybody’s taste. From then on the following year, their restaurant is famous for their Barbeque dishes, not only in the BBQ dishes this restaurant also provides various fresh seafood and juices from local farmers that proven to be beneficial for health and suits the taste bud of their customers.

Ubud is almost filled by the never ending of its natural atmosphere, its ravines and paddy fields is providing the place with natural attraction for locals and tourists to relax with its Zen atmosphere choosing a restaurant is the best to do before travel is a great idea when you have a tight schedule to follow and want to experience what Bali has to offer in culinary world either local Indonesian food or international known dishes that have familiar taste with local organic spice. We hope that your experience in Ubud became one of the precious memories you can keep for a long time, and make sure you taste the best dishes and great view Ubud has to offer from our 7 Best Restaurant in Ubud.

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