Labuan Bajo is famous due to Komodo Island located not far from it. Well, those two places cannot be separated from each other indeed. But do you know that Labuan Bajo is also a gate to access other stunning islands? In fact, there are so many small islands around this area. One of them is Padar Island. The magnetic force of this island is about its magnificent landscapes. It is also a great place to go to if you want to do trekking. So, what are the things to know about this island? Here they are along with the explanations.

Magnificent Landscapes

padar island labuan bajo trip

Almost all islands around Labuan Bajo have stunning landscapes for sure. But compared to others, Padar Island is relatively not popular. Therefore, not all people come to this island to spend their holiday. Well, if you are going to this Island, there will be some benefits for you. The beaches, hills, and others are relatively quiet and not crowded. You can enjoy them and relax just because they are your private beaches.


Beaches are not the only spots to visit in Padar Island. On the middle area, there are some hills with beautiful scenery as well. To get the top, trekking is the most recommended way. Many people who go to Padar Island indeed take a chance for trekking rather than just relaxing. Sure, when you are on the top, there will be so many unforgettable things to see. The ocean and even lands around can just be seen. If you want, you can capture some photos and upload them in your social media such as Instagram

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Padar Island and Pink Beach

Padar Island is usually an alternative after visiting Pink Beach. From Pink Beach to Padar Island, it takes around 40 minutes using the speedboat. Being located in the same area, the animals to see are almost the same from one island to another. Yes, if you don’t have a chance to visit Komodo Island, the animal can still be seen on Padar Island. Of course, the number of Komodo is not as many as its main habitat, Komodo Island. Make sure to go there with tour guides for safety.

Padar Island from Labuan Bajo

Pad*r Island is more accessible from Labuan Bajo. There are boats with the route. They are commonly sailing every one or two hours. Since the facilities there are limited, make sure to bring your own food and beverages. There is no hotel in This Island except you want to camp there.

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