Talking about Labuan Bajo, it seems not complete without mentioning some small islands around. From those islands, indeed, it is only Komodo Island that is famous all around the world. But sure, there are some others that have scenic landscapes as well. to access them, it is also very easy. From Labuan Bajo harbor, ships and boats are back and forth to serve tourists. Aside from Komodo Island, what are the islands in Labuan Bajo?

Sabolo Island

Sabolo Island has a very beautiful view. The blue ocean with gradation is surrounding the white sand. It is really an incredible thing. Meanwhile, there are hills in the middle. You can trek them and reach the top to see the landscape from the height. This island doesn’t have enough accommodation so that you need to bring your foods from Labuan Bajo. To get the island, it takes around an hour using the boat available.

Rinca Island

Rinca Island is one of the islands included in Komodo clusters. In other words, it is placed not far from the famous Komodo Island. Interestingly, that rare animal also lives freely in this island. That’s why the Indonesian government involve Rinca as a part of the Komodo National Park. The number of Komodo living there is indeed not as many as in Komodo Island. The highest spot there is Mount Ora with a height of 670 meters above the sea level. But you must still be careful while being there. Having tour guides with you is the best choice for your own safety.

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Kanawa Island

kanawa island

Kanawa Island is very small with a width of approximately 35 hectares. The tourist spots there are a few indeed but all of them are incredible. Mainly, people come to this island to enjoy the beaches and underwater landscapes. The beauty of Kanawa beaches is seen from the crystal clear water in greenish blue. Even the corals and sea creatures inside can be seen from the surface. Some facilities have been available there including the diving center.

Padar Island

Compared to the three islands mentioned above, Padar Island is indeed more popular. Even if it is on the second rank after Komodo Island in terms of popularity. There are some activities to do there starting from swimming on the beach to trekking some hills there. On the top, the scenery around can be seen more clearly. Uniquely, the landscape is mostly savannah and meadows. There are almost no big trees on the island.

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