6 bedroom villas in Ubud may not be available in many choices. Among many villas in Ubud there are only a few of them having at least 6 bedrooms. There are definitely smaller and larger villas to pick upon a holiday in Ubud, Bali. Just as in any occasion, choosing a villa to stay may not be that easy. Having a large group of people together in a holiday will definitely make it a bit more difficult. There are more things to accommodate in the final selection, right?

Maximum Capacity

The actual capacity of the 6 bedroom villas in Ubud is different from one villa to another. It means that the actual number of people joining the holiday should be taken into consideration when choosing the villa. A villa with exactly 6 bedrooms close to the so-called cultural hub of Ubud could accommodate up to 12 people at most. This is a highly considerable option for sure. Many other villas come with more bedrooms though in which the capacity could be higher as well.

The Location and Its Surrounding Areas

Another thing to keep in mind when picking one of few 6 bedroom villas in Ubud is the location of the villa. Depending on personal preferences, the villas are located in different settings. Those who love to have a rather quiet escape should go for the villas hidden in forests. Another decent option is to find ones located in villages. Some villas are there in peaceful villages so that interactions with the locals could be additional experiences along the stay.

Designs and Decorations

In order to accommodate different preferences of visitors, the villas will have their own designs and decorations for sure. Some of them offer a rather traditional approach in terms of the design. Meanwhile some other comes with a modern and luxurious appeal of the villas. It is easy to decide to go to which one since it will be depending on personal preferences.

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Cost to Stay

Another thing to think about is definitely the cost to stay. The range of the cost is considerably wide when it comes to 6 bedroom villas in Ubud. The one with 6 bedrooms and could accommodate up to 12 people comes with its USD 759 per night. Yet there are the one that will cost USD 774 per night with 7 bedrooms for 14 people at most. The cost to stay itself should be considered further by thinking about the available services, features and facilities within the stay at the villas. Private gym, yoga area, kids’ room, artist studio and even a garden with BBQ facilities will be among the offered facilities to consider.

There are around 62 villas in Ubud in which they offer different bedrooms along with everything else. Finding the one that could really accommodate everything for an enjoyable stay is crucial. Few of those villas have at least 6 bedrooms to accommodate 10 or more people.  Make sure to consider those things right before finally choosing one of few 6 bedroom villas in Ubud

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