Labuan Bajo is said as a complete town for tourists. Yes, only in one particular location, you can do many things there. they are starting from swimming or diving in the ocean to climb up to the hills. Moreover, the beautiful scenery is all around to enjoy together with family and friends. Trekking is one of the activities recommended to do in Labuan Bajo. Some spots are also available in which all of them support this activity. To do trekking in Labuan Bajo, here are tips and tricks to follow.

Spots for Trekking at Labuan Bajo

There are some possible spots for trekking in Labuan Bajo. But the most popular one out of them is Padar Island. The island is located not far from the town. To reach it, it only needs around 20-30 minutes. Padar Island is surrounded by beach and ocean just like other small islands in the area. in the middle, there are some hills also. Well, the hills are the places for trekking anyway.

The hills in Padar Island are quite challenging but not dangerous at all. That’s why; whether you are still beginners or have been experienced, trekking there is a good idea. After on the top, enjoy landscapes around starting from the green land, Blue Ocean, and even small islands there. you may meet some Komodos on the island, so be careful. Make sure to have guides to accompany you.

Time for Trekking

There are particular times to get the best conditions in Pedar Island, Labuan Bajo. It is during the dry season or the summer of the tropical area. Visiting the island during the wet season is not recommended. Aside from the possibilities of heavy rain and storms, access to enter the island is also often closed.

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Meanwhile, it is also not recommended to do trekking at night. If you don’t want to do it in at noon due to the heat, mornings and evenings are the best times. More importantly, make sure to keep the cleanliness in the area.

Important Things to Do while Trekking

Before trekking, it is important to provide tools and equipment. They are including wearing trekking shoes, bringing flashlight, ropes, and more. Sure, you must also bring your own food and drinks. Tour guides are recommended to hire. Despite to help you when there are Komodos, the guide is also to help you to show the route. Well, you must not get lost during trekking anyway.

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