Top 4 Free Tourist Spots in Labuan Bajo – Labuan Bajo is an area in Indonesia that is well-known for its stunning landscapes and panorama. This site is also a gate to enter Komodo Island which is located not far from the area. Based on that fact, it is reasonable if the costs to spend holidays there is quite high. Moreover, it offers not only one or two but many tourist destinations.

Interestingly, some of those destinations can be accessed for free. In term of beauty, it is just comparable to the paid ones.

What are those recommended free tourist spots in Labuan Bajo? Check them out.

Kelor Island

There are some islands around Labuan Bajo that need tickets. Well, Komodo Island is one of them. But it is not for Kelor Island. This island is not different from other small islands in the region of Southeast Asia. The difference is that the condition is still fresh and untouchable. Yes, there are people who live there but the number is few. Sure, you can enjoy many beautiful landscapes here and there starting from beaches to hills.

Sylvia Hill

Initially, the hill didn’t have any name. But a resort company is established here namely Sylvia. Starting from that time, the hill is known also as Sylvia Hill. On the hill, you can see both golden sunrise and sunset. The landscape of 360 degrees can also be simply seen from the top. Do you want to see the islands around Labuan Bajo from the height? This is the best spot to visit.

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Dermaga Putih

Dermaga Putih means the white dock literally. This area is established by a hotel company. Actually, people who spend the nights there are the only ones allowed accessing the dock entirely. How about other people? You can still enjoy the surrounding. There is an ocean with hills around that should not be missed out. The area is really fresh and fresh making it a good place to spend your days with family and friends.

Komodo Festival

If you don’t have access to enter Komodo Island, you should not worry. There is a festival with the same theme conducted annually from February to March. People are dancing and singing there. Surprisingly, almost all people who have participated have really good voices. You should not worry, to enjoy the show, you don’t need to pay at all. The stage is commonly established near Batu Cermin Cave.

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