Not only presents the beach and the beautiful sky, the beauty of the underwater of Nusa Penida also saves a million of its stored beauty. Blue and clear sea water and the many types of coral reefs and species of fish that are in the sea of Nusa Penida make this place worthy of being named as one of the best dive sites in Indonesia. Scuba diving Nusa Penida is visited by many professional divers from domestic and foreign countries.

Unique Fish That Can Be Seen on Nusa Penida

manta bay nusa penida

Unique fish like mola mola and manta rays can be seen clearly if you are scuba diving Nusa Penida. Mola mola in this place is seasonal and can usually be found between July and October. Whereas for manta rays you can see it throughout the year on Nusa Penida. The manta ray fish in this place have varied sizes from small to those that have wings more than 3 meters.

Colorful fish patterns and coral reefs are the target of underwater photographers to add to their amazing underwater photo collection. Nusa Penida has some of the best dive sites, namely Manta Point, Crystal Bay, Gamat Bay, Toyapakeh Beach, Malibu Point, Sampalan Beach, SD Point, Buyuk Beach, Pandan Bay, Banjar Nyuh Beach, and Temple Point.

International Diving Tours

Tourists from all over the world take turns trying scuba diving Nusa Penida. The friendly species of marine life allow you to dive and observe its marine life closely. However, we need to be aware that in some locations diving spots in Nusa Penida have strong waves and currents such as Manta Point.

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In Nusa Penida there are many diving equipment rental places if you want to do Nusa Penida scuba diving. With adequate equipment and guided by a professional guide, diving will feel safer.

Most of the coral reefs in this place are hard corals but there are also soft corals. Prepare physically strong and healthy to be able to dive in this place so that things don’t happen that can interfere with your diving. In some areas of diving spots like Gamat Bay there are rope straps that you can use to avoid the tight currents that are there. The experience of fun in diving will not only get you on Nusa Penida Island, Nusa Lembongan Island next to you can also be your next choice. Things to do in Nusa Lembongan such as diving, snorkeling and island exploring are also on this island. Explore the underwater world of Nusa Penida with and get a vacation package offer to Nusa Penida that is unforgettable for your tour.

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