Nusa Penida What To Do – if you land on this article, you know that NusaPenida is one of the main reasons to plan your visit to Bali. since there are so many world-popular images shared in social media like Kelingking Beach and Angel Billabong located in Penida Island had taken a big step forward. Even you are also able to visit a day trip from Bali or exploring the whole island within a few days in Nusa Penida Trip.

If you do not know about Nusa Penida what to do, check amazing activities below.

Visiting Diamond Beach

diamond beach nusa penida

It is situated in the opposite of Atuh Beach cliff as one of the most picturesque beaches on this planet. You can get a high viewpoint as the best place to enjoy Diamond Beach and there is also the made stair where you can visit the beach. But, you have to know that swimming on this beach is not recommended. You can include this beautiful beach in your Nusa Penida day trip.

Swimming in the Atuh Beach

atuh beach or diamond beach

In the eastern side of Penida Island, there may be two most beautiful beaches around Bali. And Atuh is a small beach which a bit hidden deeper along with the two high cliffs in both sides. You only need to take a walk around 10 minutes down to the stairs which needed to visit the beach. If you wonder about Nusa Penida what to do, this place can be your best recommendation.

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Secret Spots in Nusa Penida to Visit

Kelingking, a T-Rex destination

Nusa penida kelingking beach

The viewpoint in Kelingking Beach as one of the beautiful destinations which make NusaPenida popular. You are able to hike yo from the top viewpoint of this beach, it is maybe the most difficult beach to reach in Bali. To get into the beach then it will take around 20 minutes.

Natural Pool in Tembeling

natural pool tembeling nusa penida

Tembeling is one of the best beauty secrets in NusaPenida. Best favorite thing to do in NusaPenida is swimming here. A sweet water pool which hidden further in the jungle is an amazingly beautiful blue water here. But, only motorbikes which can access this area. you can combine it with the Island Tour in the west side.

Banah Cliff Point

banah cliff at nusa penida

This is relatively less known compared to other destinations here. Banah Cliff Point can be your best thing for Nusa Penida what to do. It is located in the west part of this Island and it is pretty easy to reach.

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