When you arrive in Nusa Penida, the biggest and most popular of the three and you will find a beautiful island that many people try to chase off the beaten path here – they called it as a paradise. Most people only want to visit Nusa Penida in their a day trip and missing cool parts in this island – this article gives you good news since there are so many islands are free to explore without any crowd. You can spend around four days in Nusa Penida that make you want to stay longer here.  There are many Nusa Penida things to do here.

You can visits Nusa Penida things to do – Broken Beach, CrystalBay and Angel’s Billabong

Thousand Island nusa penida

Most of the day-trippers will go directly to the most popular photo spots in NusaPenida like Kelingking Viewpoint. In this place, you will see the steep climb to the white sand beach that needs your scrambling foot and hand in several parts, if you can make it down and this is actually worth it and a stunning view that you get. This is one of the best Nusa Penida things to do here. You may think that  Penida Island is all about stairs and cliffs that you can see anywhere, but they will complete your trip and kind of balancing your visit as well.

To avoid crowds, then you can visit Kelingking earlier during the mid-day or even evening to enjoy this place without crowded day-trippers. Another favorite spot is Crystal Bay – this is a cove along with the clear blue water, there are many boats and people here. Angel’s Billabong is a natural and clear pool and Broken Beach has a unique hole in rock as it has been eroded by the strong waves over time. Both of them are so stunning and popular among travelers. You will find out that there are rock formations with the holes inside all over islands if you want to go further. Nusa Penida day trip will be more complete if you visit these places.

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Peguyangan Waterfall

peguyangan waterfall nusa penida island

You will be served with the stairs and stairs in front of you. Are you sure to go, though? This is more than just a waterfall and there are more about stunning views on your way down and back up. You will get experience in the sacred temple while watching strong waves crushing the cliffs in the powerful scene. There are more Nusa Penida things to do

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