Not only the beauty of nature, beaches, mountains and local culture, the beautiful Nusa Penida is also a place to enjoy the beauty of fish and coral reefs in the blue sea. Nusa Penida Island is now very popular, making it no less competitive with other Bali tours, so invites you all to go there with a wide selection of tour packages packed in detail to meet your holiday needs. The choice of tour package is not just to Nusa Penida. Nusa Lembongan day trip such as snorkeling with spectacular views will also be one of the choices of interesting holiday tour packages from that you must try.

If you are planning a snorkeling tour at Nusa Penida, you should prepare your itinerary with a mature concept, such as choosing a port as a crossing place, choosing a fast boat and access to the snorkeling spot. Nusa Penida snorkeling reviews can be your reference in choosing a good snorkeling spot.

Snorkeling Location on Nusa Penida

best snorkeling nusa lembongan

There are some of the best dive sites in Nusa Penida. From the snorkeling spot we can clearly see various types of fish, coral and marine organisms. The characteristics of clean and clear seawater and high clusters add more value to this place. A variety of the best snorkeling spots you need to know like Manta Point, Toyapakeh to Buddha Temple Point.

Manta Point is the best-selling snorkeling spot frequented by tourists. This place is usually used as a means to see manta rays swimming like as if they were flying while dancing around you very closely. No need to fear these fish, manta rays in this place are very tame. You can swim with him and if you are lucky you can hold it. Mola mola is also commonly seen if you snorkel at Manta Point.

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Nusa Penida snorkeling reviews are incomplete if you don’t review this one snorkeling spot, named Toyapakeh, which is about 20 minutes from Padang Bai Harbor, which is also one of the best dive sites in Nusa Penida. At a depth of 6 meters you can enjoy a swarm of beautiful fish such as banner fish, scorpionfish, jack fish and others. The collection of coral that stretches is also an attraction.

Then there is Gamat Bay which is located not far from Toyapakeh’s snorkeling spot. The condition of the waters and the underwater world that is truly charming is perfect for you to pamper yourself for a moment with a peaceful atmosphere in this place.

Next is Crystal Bay Beach. As the name implies, this place has exceptionally clear water clarity. The beach which has wide stretch of white sand is a snorkeling destination that you can’t miss. Sangking clear water when you are in a boat and looking at the sea floor then you can see the coral reef inside. This place is ideal for snorkeling because it is located in a bay with calm waters.

Nusa Penida Is a Place to Snorkel With Extraordinary Beauty

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In just 3 years, tourist visits to Nusa Penida Island have reached hundreds of thousands of people each year. The main reason for visiting tourists is to snorkel and get to know the fascinating underwater world of Bali. At Nusa Penida snorkeling reviews you can draw conclusions about which places are recommended to be the right snorkeling place for you. Among the snorkeling spots mentioned above there are still a number of other snorkeling spots such as Buddha Temple, Wal Point, Jetty Point and Malibu Point that you can make your choice when deciding to snorkel at Nusa Penida. Have a good vacation!

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