Nusa Penida is a special and unique tourist destination for local and foreign tourists. There are several tourist spots or tourists attractions which can be your consideration when you visiting Nusa Penida or choosing best Nusa Penida island tour. For sure, when you visit these tourist destinations, then you feel impressing and want to get back in Nusa Penida someday.

The Best Favorite Tourist Spots in Nusa Penida Island Tour

Nusa penida island Tour

Broken Beach

broken beach nusa penida tour west

The reef cliff shaped like a bridge become a mandatory destination when you visiting Nusa Penida.

The uniqueness of broken beach cannot be found in other tourist destinations. You can see that the waves with the beautiful reef cliff make tourists fascinated and want to stay longer here.

Angel’s Billabong

angel billabong nusa penida bali

Angel’s Billabong was usually used as the photo spot among tourist. it is the seawater pool in the middle of the cliff. Some tourist love to swim here and capturing a unique moment while visiting this place. You can include this destination in your Nusa Penida island tour.

Kelingking Beach

kelingking beach

This cliff has a finger shaped as one of the best destinations for travelers who choose half-day Nusa Penida Tour in the west part. The natural scenery of the sea and cliffs are still natural as the main attraction here. There are som best spots here such as love tree and Kelingking Hill. Nusa Penida day trip here can be your best moment.

Pasih Anduh (smoke beach)

If you visit Broken beach, then it will not complete if you do not visit Smoke Beach. as its name implied, the beauty of the smoke beach will spread out from the seawater hitting the cliff and this pounding results a burst of seawater which looks like smoke.

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The smoke from the seawater is usually captured by visitors.

Crystal Bay Beach (Penida Beach)

crystal bay

The most beautiful moment that awaited tourists in Crystal bay is enjoying the sunset or sunrise view. The uniqueness can be found here as the beach atmosphere which is still natural and beautiful. If you snorkeling fans, then you can rent the snorkeling gears here at the affordable price as well.

The Tree House (Molenteng)

tree house nusa penida trip

The Tree House is located in the eastern side of Nusa Penida. The uniqueness of the tree house comes from the tree where the tree house was built on the cliff. From the height, you can feel the cool breeze sensation with the view of small islands around this place. So, enjoy your Nusa Penida island tour.

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