Nusa Penida is an undeveloped island which situated in the south-east part of Bali mainland. You will not find any beach club, trendy restaurants or organic cafe here, but Nusa Penida still worth to be visited. This is a house for the most photogenic views in Bali. If you love it, then you may want to get Nusa Penida day tour. If you only have one day to spend your best day here, you should not have to worry at all. a day tour to Nusa Penida from Bali is so doable as well. You can reach Nusa Penida by taking a speedboat from Sanur in the early morning and back at the dawn. However, if you want to see a whole Nysa Penida and enjoying your stay here, you have to stay here at least 2 to 3 days in this beautiful island.

Enjoying Nusa Penida Day Tours below

Handy Nusa Penida Day Tour Guide

If you have decided to go with Nusa Penida tour package, then its highly recommended to book some of these following tours for you:

Most popular tour in west Nusa Penida Package – this is Nusa Penida day tour that you have to book when the first time you visit Nusa Penida. It brings you to the most of beautiful places that you already know, such as Broken Beach, Kelingking Beach, Angel’s Billabong and Crystal Bay by riding a car. The tour cost usually around US$39 to $57 each person, it is all depending on your pick up area. You are also able to add snorkeling into your list. Even you can adjust your package and enjoying Nusa Penida day trip here.

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snorkeling at nusa penida

Snorkeling package in Nusa Penida – If snorkeling is more thing that you prefer, then Nusa Penida is a best reefs house with the clearest water in Bali. The cost is around $65 for each person, but you may be able to get some discounts as well. Keep in mind that you are not really able to visit the island in this package, just for snorkeling destinations.

East Nusa Penida Tour Package – This tour will bring you to further spots in Nusa Penida, there are several areas such as Tree House and Atuh Beach. you may want to visit this place if you looking for an area which cost you less. however, it’s all depending on your pick up area as mentioned before. So, you can enjoy your best Nusa Penida day tour here.

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