Labuan Bajo is getting more and more popular nowadays. After Bali, it is noted as one of the most visited sites by foreigners. Initially, this area is only known as the transit spot to visit Komodo Island. But then, it seems that people have just realized how beautiful the place is. It is reasonable if many hotels and resorts are then established there starting from the simple to the luxurious ones. Well, if you don’t want to spend too much on accommodation while still enjoying great services, some hotels below are recommended. What are they?

Ciao Hostel

Do you want to enjoy the sunset from the place you are taking a rest? Well, Ciao Hostel is the best choice. From the restaurants and even the rooms, you can see the beautiful Labuan Bajo Ocean. The row of docked ship can be seen directly also. Not to forget, the visitors are able to taste delicious local foods served by the restaurant in the hostel. From the airport, it is only a kilometer with free transportation.

Sunset Hill Hotel

The next affordable hotel surrounded by a great landscape is Sunset Hill Hotel. Just from your window’s room, you can enjoy some small islands floated from the blue ocean. Not only from the room, but the scenery is seen also from the outdoor restaurant available. There are some services given by the hotel including WiFi and breakfast. If you want to feel the traditional massage service from this hotel, it is provided with an additional charge.
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De Chocolate Hostel

This hostel is indeed provided for the backpackers. Sure, the price is very affordable also starting from Rp. 115,000 for the dormitory room. Interestingly, some rooms are equipped with balconies where you can see the ocean directly from it. Some other services available in this hostel are the free breakfast, WiFi, a shared lounge, and still more. From the airport, it is really closed in which you can even get there by walking.

WaeCicu Beach Inn

Different from other hotels that are recommended for groups, WaeCicu Beach Inn is better for couples. The concept is minimalist but also romantic. The location is also really close to WaeCicu Beach as well as the Jetty Dock. Do you want to visit Bukit Cinta or Love Hill? This free tourist resort is also not far from the inn. The rooms are in the form of villa units with whole-wooden materials. Bungalows are available also to enjoy the scenery around.Read This Article :
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