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Fast boat Sanur to Nusa Penida – Bali is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the region of Southeast Asia. Spots like Kuta Beach, Garuda Wisnu Kencana, and Tampaksiring Palace are undeniably incredible. However, do you know that Bali is also surrounded by other small stunning islands. They are Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan, and Nusa Ceningan. Sure, if you still have more time while visiting the island, one of those nusas is worth visiting. 

One of them is Nusa Penida anyway. When if you still don’t have any experience of visiting this tiny island, there should be many things that come to your mind. They are what spots to visit and how to get there. Interestingly, Nusa Penida is basically really easy to access from Bali mainly if you are from Sanur. So, before talking more about the transportation there, you should know more about the island itself. Check them out.

Attractions to Nusa Penida

Sure, you must have a reason to visit a certain place. Interestingly, you will not find only one but many reasons to go to Nusa Penida. The island has many stunning attractions. The access is also very easy when you want to go to one place from another. 

If you have not bored yet with tropical beaches, you need to go to Atuh Beach. Atuh Beach is indeed the most popular beach in Nusa Penida. However, it is still considered one of the rarest beaches to visit in Bali. Therefore, this area is a really suitable place to escape. Mainly, it is if other beaches have been too crowded.

In Atuh Beach, there are 3 coastal areas that are separated by high coral cliffs on sides of the beach. Each of the area layered by white sand mixed by tiny corals. The water is really clear so that you can just see the underwater sea only from the surface. Moreover, if you are climbing to the top of the cliff, a cluster of other tiny islands can be seen as well.

The next attraction is Pasir Uug Beach. Pasir Uug Beach is surrounded by coral cliffs. Slightly, it is very similar to the Uluwatu Temple of Bali. If you have a drone and capture the area from height, it looks like a giant pool with blue water. For the shape, local people also commonly call it Bolong Beach. Well, Bolong literally means a hole. 

Aside from Atuh Beach, Angel’s Billabong is probably the second most popular tourist attraction in Nusa Penida. It is mainly in the perspectives of foreign visitors. The location of Angel’s Billabong is quite unique. It is an estuary that is placed really close to the sea. The estuary itself is closed so that it doesn’t meet the sea water. Slightly, it looks like a big pool that is placed between 2 giant coral cliffs. The water is really clear also.

There are many legends and stories believed by local people regarding Angel’s Billabong. For the beauty, they even said that it is a place for angels to gather when they are on earth. The story seems not too exaggerating by seeing how beautiful the location is.

Sure, there are still many more places in Nusa Penida to visit. It is not enough if you are here only in a day. To get the island and enjoy all the attractions, you can buy a tourist vacation package especially for Nusa Penida.

Location of Nusa Penida

fast boat from bali to nusa penida route

Nusa Penida is an island that is located in the southeast area of Bali. Between Bali and Nusa Penida, there is straight namely Badung Strait. Meanwhile, other tiny islands like Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan are also located not too far from Nusa Penida. The 3 tiny islands are included in the area of Klungkung District of Bali.

As the islands are separated by the ocean, there are 2 ways to get there. They are by riding a helicopter or a fast boat. Well, renting a helicopter may let you spend much money. On the other hand, riding a fast boat is cheaper and also interesting. Sure, you must spend more time on the trip if you are choosing the second way.

Actually, riding a fast boat is not the only way to enter Nusa Penida via water transportation, you can also ride a traditional boat and ferry boat. Each of them has its own benefits and lacks anyway. But out of those 3 ways, riding a fast boat is indeed considered the most ideal one. It is faster and more comfortable as well as the price is still reasonable.

Harbors in Nusa Penida

nusa penida port
nusa penida port

From Bali to Nusa Penida, you can depart from Sanur Harbor. This idea is famous enough and there will be many people who can inform you about this. But the question is, is there any harbor in Nusa Penida? This question is reasonable by remembering that this island is quite quiet without too many residents living there.

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You should not worry; Nusa Penida itself even has more than one harbor. Those harbors are used as spots for boats from Bali to be docked. At the same time, the harbors are also functions as departing spots to go to other islands like Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan.

Sure, the harbors themselves are actually not big. They are even considered as small and traditional harbors. Therefore, the facilities are probably not as complete as other big harbors located in Bali. At least, there are 4 harbors that are active as transportation spots; they are Seblanga Banjar Nyuh, Toya Pakeh, Banjar Nyuh, and Sampalan Harbors.

How to Get Nusa Penida from Bali

If you want to know how to cross the strait from Bali to Nusa Penida, there are so many options. Some harbors and beaches can be the departing points mainly if you want to ride a fast boat. They are Sanur Beach, Kusamba Klungkung Beach, and Padang Bai. Interestingly, there is actually still one more alternative. It is Pemelisan Harbor. What are the benefits and lacks of each of the harbors? Check them out.

Sanur Beach Harbor

sanur harbour to nusa penida
sanur harbour to nusa penida

Sanur Beach itself has been very popular for both domestic and foreign tourists. There are 2 gates to enter the beach. If you are entering the beach via the northern gate, it means you are coming there to enjoy the beach only; like for sunbathing and more. But if you are entering through the southern gate, it is more than just a beach as an attraction. There is also a harbor where many fast boats are docked there.

Since the harbor is very popular, there are many options for fast boat Sanur to Nusa Penida. You don’t even need to wait for a long time until the next boat to depart. However, this harbor tends to be more crowded with tourists who will go to Nusa Penida or other islands. Sometimes, it may not feel really comfortable. Be ready also to be wet since the way the boat to start to depart is still traditional. Make sure to wear short pants and flip flop anyway.

Kusamba Klungkung Harbor

kusamba harbour
Kusamba Harbour

The harbor is located in Klungkung. Almost similar to Sanur, it is a place where fast boats to Nusa Penida are docked. Sure, you can also go to Nusa Ceningan and Nusa Lembongan through this harbor. Indeed, the number of boats to go to the other two islands is not as many as them to Nusa Penida.

Kusamba Klungkung Harbor is easier to access if you are spending the night in the area of Ubud. In the morning when you want to go to Nusa Penida, you can go directly to this harbor.

Padang Bai Harbor

padangbai harbour
Padang Bai Harbor

Compared to other harbors mentioned above, Padang Bai is the biggest one. Sure, it is. The harbor is not only a place for fast boats to dock. They are also big ships and boats to transport supplies. Meanwhile, the location makes Padang Bai more accessible from other places. Yes, if you want to go to Gili Trawangan, Lombok from Bali, this harbor is the best choice anyway.

For some reasons above, Padang Bai Harbor tends to be really crowded with many people around. Sometimes, you need to wait for a long time to enter the fast boat. Moreover, the number of fast boats to Nusa Penida is not as many as them in Sanur or Kusamba Klungkung Baches.

But you should not worry. While waiting for your turn to enter the boat, you can enjoy the stunning landscape around. Not far from the harbor, there is Padang Bai beach that is intended for vacation purpose. Sure, you can visit it for a while.

Pamelisan Harbor

Pemelisan harbor
Pemelisan Harbor

Interestingly, there is a new harbor you can use as an alternative to going to Nusa Penida. Initially, it is only a small and unofficial dock in the area of Segara Kondang Pamelisan. But since the number of boats there is getting more and more, the local government decided to turn it into the real harbor. Moreover, this location has also been known by tourists, whether they are local or international.

Pamelisan Harbor is not only really easy to access. This harbor is also renovated to be a modern harbor. The area tends to be cleaner and treated well. Yes, different from other harbors that still look traditional, you don’t need to be wet while entering the boat from this area. There is a special place for passengers to keep them clean and dry.

Fast boats Available from Sanur to Nusa Penida

Although there are many harbors you can visit to go to Nusa Penida, still, Sanur is the mostly chosen. It is mainly if you are still new and not experienced enough in terms of Bali transportation. Reaching Sanur is quite easy. It is located on Hang Tuah Road, Sanur Kaja where you can simply see the coastal line of Bali.

Some fast boat agencies and providers are widely available around. What are the names or brands of fast boats you can use to Nusa Penida? Here is the list.

  1. Fast Boat Dw Manunggal, entering Nusa Penida through ToyaPakeh Harbor,
  2. Idola Express, entering Nusa Penida through Sampalan Harbor,
  3. Mola Mola Express, entering Nusa Penida through Sampalan Harbor,
  4. Angel Billabong Fast Cruise, entering Nusa Penida through ToyaPakeh Harbor,
  5. El Rey Junior Fast Boat, entering Nusa Penida through ToyaPakeh Harbor,
  6. Caspla Fast Boat, entering Nusa Penida through Sampalan Harbor.
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Schedules of Fast boats from Sanur to Nusa Penida

Fastboat price to nusa penida

There are basically so many fast boats that cross the strait to Nusa Penida every day. On the other hand, multiple fast boats also go back to Bali from the small island. It is reasonable to say that the traffic line on the street is really crowded. The boat can depart every hour but it is not clear which boat it is. 

If your own schedule has been fixed and cannot be simply changed, make sure to book the fast boat ticket far before the D-day. You should not worry since fast boat agencies mentioned above can be accessed online. The type of boat can be chosen also via some traveling and transportation online platforms. Interestingly, if you are booking the ticket online, you can also book the transportation device from the harbor to your hotel.

Although they sometimes cannot be predicted, there are some general schedules you can use as references. Of course, the agencies can change them based on some terms and conditions. El Rey Junior, for example, the schedules from Sanur are 08.00 am, 10.45 am, and 03.00 pm. Or Gogun Express that commonly has some schedules as follows. From Sanur, the boats are departing at 08.10 am, 10.00 am, and 04.30 pm.

Durations from Bali to Nusa Penida via Fast Boats 

The fast boat is considered the most effective public transportation from Bali to Nusa Penida for some reasons. Yes, it is indeed more expensive than using traditional boats. However, the time to spend on the strait is much faster also. From Sanur, you only need to spend around 40 minutes to Nusa Penida. Meanwhile, if you are departing from Kusamba Klungkung Harbor, the time duration is even less, it is only about 30 minutes.

Fast Boats Tickets’ Price

Many tourists who come to Bali often prefer booking tickets in a package. Therefore, there is not only the fast boat ticket to get but also tickets for hotel and even land transportation from and to the hotel. As information, land transportation is commonly using cars whether it is an SUV or a minibus. For the pickup time, it depends on your traveling schedule for sure. 

Meanwhile, the ticket prices for fast boats themselves are quite varied but they are generally still in the same range. Some of them are as follow; El Rey Junior Fast Boat, the ticket is IDR 100,000 for domestic tourists and IDR 175,000 for foreigners; Gogun Express, the ticket is IDR 100,000 for domestic tourists and IDR 175,000 for foreigners; The Angkal Fast Boat, the ticket is IDR 100,000 for domestic tourists and IDR 175,000 for foreigners, Dwi Manunggal, the ticket is IDR 100,000 for domestic tourists and IDR 175,000 for foreigners; and still many more. 

Tips from Bali to Nusa Penida with Fast boats

Riding a fast boat to Nusa Penida is undeniably interesting but also challenging. However, some people may have trouble mainly if they are often suffered from seasickness. Based on that fact, there are some tips you should follow when having plan of going to Nusa Penida from Bali.

First, make sure you are fit enough to conduct the trip. Of course, having health problems like a fever or fatigue will make your trip not optimal. You can do some exercises before starting the trip. Besides, prepare also some health supplements when it is necessary.

Second, bring your first aid; it is including a drug or a supplement to avoid seasickness. You must consume it based on the dosage suggested.

Third, make sure to still have breakfast. People often avoid having breakfast to avoid nausea or something but it is a wrong solution. You only need to arrange your meal time. You can do breakfast around 2 hours before the departure schedule.

Fourth, rather than only waiting for the boat to depart, you can walk around and enjoy the open air. Well, when you have been in the boat, the atmosphere can be really crowded and not comfortable. Therefore, make sure to take this chance when you are still outside.

Fifth, if you have a seasick experience before, put some attempts so that you can sit down near the window. Of course, it is not something difficult. The map of the sitting area can be seen when you are buying a ticket, just like when you are watching a movie.

Mansago Fastboat Price from Sanur to Nusa Penida

we have best contract with vendor fastboat with

Price for Foreign :
Rp. 150.000 / one way / pax


Nusa Penida is one of the best places around Bali worth visiting. There are so many destination spots there you should not miss out. Interestingly, there are many accesses to go to this island. One of them is via a fast boat. Many agencies of fast boat are available and you can buy the tickets online. The prices are reasonable as well as your trip to enter the island will be more interesting. This is how fast boat Sanur to Nusa Penida is highly recommended.

One of them is Nusa Penida anyway. When if you still don’t have any experience of visiting this tiny island, there should be many things that come to your mind. They are what spots to visit and how to get there. Interestingly, Nusa Penida is basically really easy to access from Bali mainly if you are from Sanur. So, before talking more about the transportation there, you should know more about the island itself. Check them out.

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