Located on the western tip of Flores Island, Labuan Bajo is really ideal. Moreover, it directly faces two important islands in the area of Nusa Tenggara. They are Komodo and Rinca islands. It also makes the town a place to transit if you want to visit those islands. Even some areas around are also named and included in Labuan Bajo area. There are many activities to do in Labuan Bajo. One of them is diving. So, for you the visitors with diving license make sure to go to some spots below for the best diving experiences.

Bidadari Island

Bidadari Island is located in the northwest of Labuan Bajo. The island is popular in the realm of visitors not only for its beautiful landscapes but also the diving spot. Many activities can be done there aside from diving. Well, you can swim and snorkel there. the sea around Bidadari island is indeed crystal clear. There are colorful sea creatures living including corals and fish.

Seraya Island

Seraya Island is really close to Labuan Bajo; it is only 10 km. People may love to visit this beach to lie on its warm white sand. Moreover, the scenery is incredible along with the palm trees and green hills. Not to forget, the island is stunning underwater landscape for snorkeling and diving. If you don’t have a license to do it, only swimming or watching sea creatures from the surface is enough. The water is crystal clear to see them very clearly.
Pink Beach
Pink Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Labuan Bajo. Sure, the main reason is its sand that is not white or grey, but pink. The pink sand is formed from a type of corals with pink pigment. After they are broken, the sprinkle is mixed with the normal sand. This way, the entire sand becomes pink. Interestingly, enjoying the pink sand is not the only thing you can do in Pink Beach. Snorkeling and diving are possible for its beautiful underwater landscape. There are stalls that rent the tools and equipment as well.

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Manta Point

Manta Ray is a kind of big stingray in which the habitat can be found in the water of Labuan Bajo. It is particularly in a spot namely Manta Point. If you are lucky, you can even meet and interact with a group of Manta Rays. Sure, Manta Ray is not the only species to meet there. Various fishes and sea creatures can be found as well during your time diving there.

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