Activities to do in Labuan Bajo – Visiting the row of islands in the area of Labuan Bajo is not difficult nowadays. There are many airlines and other transportation devices that let you access the islands. Yes, Labuan Bajo has successfully attracted many visitors for its beautiful landscapes, including beaches and hills. Of course, it seems not complete if you only watch the scenery without doing anything else. In fact, some activities below should not be missed out if you are in Labuan Bajo. What are they?

Snorkeling and Diving

Labuan Bajo has many spots mainly intended for snorkeling and diving. Some of them is Pink Beach and Manta Point. The area is indeed well-known for the stunning underwater scenery as well as the water is still really crystal clear. How is if you don’t have any diving license? You can just watch the fishes, Manta Ray, and other sea creatures from the surface.

Sailing with an Exclusive Ship

Crossing the sea to access one island to another is very common in Labuan Bajo. But if you want to sail exclusively, you can use the Pinisi Ship. Pinisi Ship refers to a traditional ship of eastern Indonesia but it has been improved and decorated as good as possible. That’s why; it looks luxurious and comfortable for all the passengers. Sure, to rent the ship, it is quite expensive. Moreover, fancy dishes and other great services are available for you there.

Interacting with Komodo

Your visitation to Labuan Bajo is definitely not complete without meeting and interacting with Komodo. Yes, you should go to Komodo or Rinca Island, the original habitats of this dragon. From Labuan Bajo to Komodo Island, you must cross the strait with a boat. The voyage takes approximately 3 hours. In terms of safety, there are guides and rangers that accompany you while interacting with the Komodo. Make sure to follow the instructions given. Well, no matter how tame it looks like, Komodo is still a kind of wild carnivores.

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Trekking in Padar Island

Padar Island is indeed not as popular as Komodo Island. But this place offers you many interesting spots and activities. Aside from beaches, Padar has many hills. They are not quite high making them ideal for those who love trekking. During the dry season, all the greens there are getting dry and brownish. But it doesn’t reduce its beauty at all. Even this unique scenery is used by photographers to take pictures and videos.

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